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Our Biggest Asset: Creativity

We often prioritise hard work, career advancement, and leadership, but we tend to neglect our creativity in the process. The demands of our daily lives, such as commuting, attending to numerous emails, and constant busyness, can cause our creativity to dwindle. Unfortunately, when we truly need it, we struggle to find it. Occasionally, creativity tries to grab our attention, urging us to pursue our true path. However, we often disregard it, claiming that our lives are already too packed to accommodate anything else.


But deep down, our creativity remains present, and if we continue to ignore it, we may face the consequences unexpectedly. One day, we may wake up feeling exhausted from repetitive tasks and trapped in the life we have constructed, akin to small rodents endlessly running on a wheel. We'll yearn for an escape, feeling drained and craving a sense of fulfillment. We will feel empty and without a purpose.


Nevertheless, there are ways to progress from this state. All we need to do is take a step or several steps back, observe our lives from a distance, and reflect in silence. No more mindless scrolling on our phones, no more reading emails, and no more multitasking. Just ourselves and the tranquility of silence.


Perhaps we'll venture into the forest, attuning ourselves to the whispers of trees and the melodies of birds. Or perhaps, we might find solace sitting on a rock, allowing the sun's warmth to envelop us. Or maybe we'll pick up a pen and a notebook and begin pouring our thoughts onto the pages in search of the parts of ourselves that were left behind due to the choices we made in life. Writing brings clarity, and when we allow our thoughts to flow uncensored onto paper, we may discover aspects of our minds that were previously unknown to us.


It is only because we fail to make time for ourselves to exist without conforming to society's expectations. But we must realize that creativity is our biggest strength that helps us when life seems to be hard on ourselves or gives us relief when things get rough. Let's not lose it along our ways, because without it, we will be more trapped in these social norms. Let's allow our creativity to flow freely; we might be surprised by the outcome.

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